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New Guy from UK

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Default New Guy from UK

Hey guys, new guy here, I currently have an RX8 192 5 speed manual, it's a 2006, I've owned this car for about 6 months, maybe a little longer now, It's now been off the road for 4 months (due to a blown clutch, corded rear tires and it running like trash) so MOT ran out a while back, I took drivers seat out as it was history, I replaced it with a corbeau race seat which has now been taken out and I've done a full red leather heated seat swap (lucky the loom was already in there) changed the rear alloys, sorted out the car running like crap out (vac leak) took brakes off the car and went over them a little with some 1000grit sand paper to remove the rust off them (not to score them or anything) threw them back on, filled the car with Shell V Power Nitro plus and 150ml of Castrol Edge 2T, took it up for it's MOT after checking all of the car over and it failed on the emissions (because it's my car and they always fail) so got it back, threw on some cheap 35 cat I picked up which was off a Golf of all things (I also own a MK4 1.8T AUM Golf which currently is running about 350BHP to the wheels) threw the cat on the car, took it back up and it passed, so car was sat since that (a month) so I started pulling front end of it off as the body work is somewhat wrecked, small dents, rust bubbles, rust patches, dents on the wings, cracked front bumper, rear bumper is warped all outta shape, boot lid is rusted through to the inside, so I took wings off, sprayed them up, had a spare bonnet which I'm in middle of spraying up now but stopped as I've moved the car 98 mile to be with the misses and baby that's due in March (try get your head around that) so got back down to pick the car up from where it was to take it to the misses house, I got there to see my drivers side window had been smashed in (glass all over the car, on the seat, bolts and stuff missing, all my tools missing, jacks and all other stuff, gone, all the paint I paid for, over 600 worth of Viper Green R6T paint and Whisper Purple EDU had all been stolen) so decided it's best if the car is moved now rather than later, so got it recovered back to my misses house, sat it on the drive and covered it up and that's how it's stayed for 3 days.

The car is currently sitting on 76,000 miles, full paper work, full history, had 19 owners (I'm the 20th) and it HASN'T been looked after, since I've had it, I've replaced coils, wires, plugs, oil, oil filter, rear axle, diff, prop shaft, clutch and flywheel, all 4 tires, bulbs all round, boot lid, bonnet, brakes all round, brake lines, springs and shocks, I've pretty much replaced everything I can because it needed it, no exspense has been spared with this awesome car..... it was on the road for about 2 months give or take a week, I'm 24 and was working in a dead end vaping shop in Sheffield which wasn't really enough to cover the running costs of the car but I carried on using it, 450 a month in petrol and 2T, insurance monthly payments was 259.31 and then the tax I paid outright for 535, that's along side running my 1.8T Golf so it wasn't permitted for me to run both cars, so thought I'd send the Rex out with a good old smoky drift day, so did that, killed the clutch and parked up ever since, I have replaced the clutch now to a 6 speed clutch and flywheel and it runs GREAT.

I'll upload photos of my broken poor RX8 soon as I need to get them all off my phone.
Viper Green is the Colour of the Scirocco
Whisper Purple is the dark purple DS3/C3 you see from 2010 till now.

By the way, I'm James, nice to meet you My Rex's name is Rexa or Hate (depending what mood I'm in with him.)
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Default Re: New Guy from UK

Quick question, is there a place on here for the build threads?
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Default Re: New Guy from UK

Nice to meet you James, if you have time, let's upload photos of your car
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Default Re: New Guy from UK

Welcome to forum
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