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ok.. i like them a lot.. so i am thinking of a header, run to the stock cat (for state emmisions reasons and sound) to the n1 out would that sound good or would it be loud or sound like **** or what? The reason i have so many questions is because im the only one i know around here with an rx so i dont know what different mufflers sound like.
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banzai how does that magnaflow sound? did it last awhile? im thinking about going with a rb header to straight pipes to magnaflow mufflers...
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i got dual magnaflows ( one that look like n1's) and a piece of **** pacesetter header that is good for a little exhaust leak..... its loud as ***** though.. scared driving around tampa on saturday nights....i strongly suggest silencers for this type of mufflers.
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i have magnaflows on my jeep, they are quiet at idle and

wake up midrange, not sure how they would sound

on a rotary though.

I have heard the full borla system with a single stock

style converter, and the car was very quiet.

RB sounds the best, I have Borla XR1s on my car, and they

are quite loud.
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i got racing beat

i love it

not that loud, but turbo's aren't that loud anyway
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I've got the Borla setip, and I love it. I had a Flowmaster setup before this, and the sounded like crap, and they flaked away on me. But the Borla setup gave me a decent power gain that I could fell when I jumped on it, and they are quiet, but deep, at idle and normal shifting around town, but when you get on it, they get loud and deep. You should deffinatly go with the Borla catback exhaust. My only regret about this system though, is that I wish I had waited because I paid 500.00, and now they go for 375.00ish. But I will try and get a sound clip up.
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Originally Posted by Leetheslacker' date='Jan 25 2004, 03:14 PM
You got the borlas? How do they sound?
I don't have the borla cat back, but from every borla muffler I have heard it has sounded good, not to mention that it will last. That is what they are usinging on the racing rx8's if that gives you any idea.

I'd like to grab that setup, but I'm buying a house and fixing two cars at this time so it's not pheasable.
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Does anybody know how loud the GReddy cat backs are on a n/a and a strait system and aftermarket headers and even the Apexi dual N1s? If u have that setup how well do they run and whats the aprox life?

Thanks a lot

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just thought I'd thrown my setup in here

I had an RB header and presilencer, with stock catback. No louder than your average ricer, but really rattly and buzzy. From the presilencer back, I just had 2.5" pipe with 1 magnaflow straight-through muffler put on. Sounds no louder, but a more mellowed tone, more low and less buzz.
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Originally Posted by Rob x-7' date='Jan 25 2004, 01:09 PM
they supposidly sound like crap and wont hold up

Flowmaster themselves say not for use on rotaries
I had them on my 1979 rx7 with header way back in the day ( 1991) and they worked fine for years in fact the muffler is still around on another car. Why would'nt they last there is no packing in them.
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