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if someone would get to tired about unflooding the rx7 everytime, what would be the REAL solution ifyour car floods everytime?

when they say that the injectors are leaking, what does it mean? is it some o-ring or the injectors need to be cleaned or is it something electrical.

sorry for the noob question
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I think too much preassure stays in the fuel rail and forces its way through. I dont know **** though ! ! !

I saw somewhere how to do a t type arrangement that release excess fuel preassure or some **** ???
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if it floods extremely often, you might have low compression. In that case, rebuild time coughportcoughport.

I might be wrong and correct me if I am, but I hve heard and experienced this, so heh....
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there is residual pressure in the rails after you turn the car off, but this is normal for fuel injected cars.... thats why theres that step in the haynes manual for depressurizing the fuel system whenever you do work on one that involves the fuel system.

leaky injectors are basically dirty injectors. The seat for the pintle / the pintle itself has crap on it preventing it from seating fully and sealing in the closed state... so the fuel will leak out even when closed. this is a common cause for flooding, especially if your car floods after you turn it off.

if your car only floods under certain conditions like hot starting or something, it can be something else... something engine management related. Coolant temperature sensor, or the thermoswitch in the bottom of the radiator on S4's are things I would check out.

The low compression thing is true, if it floods all the time when you try to start it, the compression just might be really bad. Or your plugs could be fouled.
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I thought I heard something about the AAS caused flooding? Supposedly when you start the car when the engine is cold extra fuel is used and causes the engine to flood? Any truth in this?
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thanks for the replies. well my car has only done it 2 times in two years. one time it was really bad that i had to recharge my battery twice.

I was just curious on how people fix the flooding when it happens intermittently. I read about pulling the egi fuse and crank it for 30 seconds. i also read something about some harness in the steering column that you pull out so you dont have to get off the seat.

so basically, normal flooding happens when the injectors are dirty? best way would be to send it to rc engineering then huh?

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its common on the 86-88's for a leaky injector. When you turn your car off there is still pressure from the fuel pump in the lines and instead of staying in the rail and injector is leaks out if the pintle is dirty. Its not an o ring or a seal. It shouldnt really flood unless you start it cold, move it like 10 feet with out letting it warm up and shut it off.

Or your coils could be not firing, or something along the lines of the spark plugs.
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