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finally got muh car started...but.....

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Did you change your plugs and 02 sensor? I know when I had the ATF trick done it messed with both. My idle jumped around a little and you could see my A/F guage going nuts during idle. Try replacing your 02 sensor. Most parts places sell a Bosch universal 02 sensor for about $18. It might help.
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Originally Posted by pengaru' date='Oct 2 2002, 12:34 PM
[quote name='Racer X' date='Oct 2 2002, 11:24 AM'][quote name='InfamousReX' date='Oct 1 2002, 06:33 PM']a while ago muh battery was put on backwards and muh car wouldn't even get spark....after months i finally got tha engine to turn on.....it turns on with no problem except that i have to keep muh foot on tha gas....it doesn't idle....any ideas??....i was thinkin that maybe its cuz its been sittin for about 6 months.....and i did tha atf trick on it....thats wat actually got it to turn on.....but like i said i have to idle so if i get muh foot of tha gas it shuts off....plus muh exhaust manifold and cat got cherry red when i started it....but i figure thats juz cuz of tha atf and carbon...any help or ideas please help....thankz.... p.s if anyone has problemss with there rex turnin on....try that atf trick...it worked miracles for me...
The reason why your cats are glowing is because they are clogged to hell and back.Time for a race pipe. As for you idle problem........double check all your vaccum lines and make sure there is abosolutly NO leaks.The TPS sensors are very sensitive so you don't want to mess with them unless it's absolutly necessary.[/quote]

You don't have to **** with their adjustment to test them, and they arent that sensitive, just a plain old potentiometer. Grab a multimeter and make sure they're within the specs at least.[/quote]

yup multimeter thats what i was thinking of
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