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Needing a rotary resurrection. Please Read

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This is a Repost from the forums

Long time no post. Also, long time no running Rx-7. For those of you who may know I went down a rotor last summer as my car's engine reached a turning point in its life cycle. It is a 1987 Red 2 seat grey cloth interior. It was my first car and it is still in my ownership. Mazda's and more gave me an estimate for a rebuild on my engine for about $3,000. Being a wanna-b gear head I decided to take this project upon myself to replace the engine along side the guidance of a friend of mine who has worked on his own vehicles many times (none of which are rotary). At this time I worked at gamestop and this was my only means of transportation and source of income. I took a loan out through BECU for about $4000 and decided to get my project underway.

Mazda's and more wanted to rebuild my current engine and only really replace parts that needed replacing. Unsure of their reputation at the time I shied away from their offer. When the engine was taken apart at Atkins rotary to see if a rebuild was possible on it they found rotor damage as well as actual damage to the housings. I could have rebuilt from the 'good' parts left but fate had another twist in store for me.

Dan Atkins had an engine for me that was built that a client back out on so I picked that bad boy up at a bit of a discount. I have taken a rotary engine out before and put it in, so it wasn't a new process but with all projects snags get hit. Upon removal of my clutch I found it was virtually torn to bits when my throwout bearing literally got twisted into a deformed hunk of metal, quite impressive that I was still able to shift to the smallest extent as slippage was noted before it finally gave out at a stoplight a mere block from my work.

All is well in good, so I figured it was time for a new clutch. I loved that center-force but I found a good deal on a lighter flywheel clutch combo so I decided to do that as well. I refurbished the transmission just in case of any after damage as well as inspected how 'tight' it still was. Of course a new throwout bearing was ordered and a new bearing sleeve was inserted. Ready to get myself back on the road we hooked everything back up and tried for the gold. Nothing. We could not get the bastard to start and idle.

A few notes about my car. There are no emissions on it, I've traced and tracked every possible emission line a million times over. Block off plates are installed rather then flashing from ace hardware. Vac. leaks were eliminated and tweaking was done everywhere.

After fussing with many settings and configurations we finally got it to idle. However if you feathered the gas the engine would die out. If you quickly pressed the gas you could get it to maintain but if you let off the gas again it would choke out. Fuel pump was tested for psi delivery as well as function. New injectors were bought and installed. Air/fuel ratio was tweaked to no avail.

Depressed I took it to the one person whom I had any hope for. Jerry's little car shop. I had him give it a look over and a diagnose but he could not pin anything down that wouldn't begin to cost more then an average estimate. With a gamestop paycheck unable to afford a more complete job with no promise of a complete diagnosis. Defeated I returned the car home and tried taking apart the upper and lower manifolds hoping that possibly it slipped a gasket or something.

At a BBQ the forum had last year I tried seeking any advice I could from people, even had one or two people look at it with the same result of. Damned if I know. Horribly depressed I let the car sit there, out of money to work on it and out of will. Now give or take $4,000 in debit because of this little adventure. Many times it was advised I just rid myself of the car but I couldn't do it. The though alone of loosing it was making me cry. Finally my recently in service daily driver died.

It was a 93' Dodge Spirit. It belonged to my sister and had really no proper care taken of it. So there was underlaying heat damage to the engine. It was a blown head gasket. Taking it in to be resurfaced they found no less then seven cracks in the engine head. It tested well enough to hold if re-installed. Well, tests are just tests. It quickly blew and lost all power and function in driving.

Finally at the start of January of this year I bough a Kia. This would be my new commute car. I now work in a medical testing lab and am better off then I was before. Still seeing my RX-7 every day kills me inside. I feel like a horrible owner and I have so many feelings about this car. All the time, money that I put into it and yet I've still failed her. (Being even more in debt now because of the new kia)

This is where I stand now. I can't do this alone and I really want my baby back. Sure the car may be twenty years old, but it is still a thing of beauty at least to me. Nothing can replace your first and I know it wants to live again. I need your guys' help. Any repair shops that can take my case, any private individuals who are rotor-wizards under the hood, tips tricks or advice on things I haven't tried yet. Anything.

I've posted in the past asking for help, but never with such sincerity, honesty and humility.

Emails: [email protected]

[email protected]

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where are you located?
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Originally Posted by GreyGT-C' post='874697' date='Jun 11 2007, 09:28 AM

where are you located?

I'm stuck a little north of the ghetto. Renton, WA. Dude, totally dig your location. "F these weird *** engines."
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i would assume you tested the TPS?
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Aye, even KompressorLogic came out and looking things over. Giving me an idea of the settings are were they should be. At least physically.
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fix you car by putting everything back to stock,, emission wires everything.. Anything you cut, blocked, or altered needs to go back to diagnose the problem. best thing in your case is to get a complete used upper and lower intake with all the pieces off wrecked car or car with bad engine.Someone will have this stuff laying around or get it from one of the wrecking yards. Later when you get it running good again, you can go back to hacking it up if you want. ( sorry if this sounds harsh... been asked too many times to fix problems that people created themselves by hacking things up)
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Default Re: Needing a rotary resurrection. Please Read

Hello, Ril Silver my name is Joe from Cali. I am not a gear head sorry I can't give you any advice. I am in a similiar situation with my Rx7. I wish you the best of luck in getting your baby back on the road.
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