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Originally Posted by sen2two' post='857510' date='Feb 5 2007, 09:41 AM
and no, theres no rev limiter. only the fuel cut. NA's have this as well.

If NA's have this as well, then it IS a rev limiter. It limits your rev's by cutting your fuel. It can't be based on boost if it applies to NA's as well. If this were the case, I could throw a FCD on my NA and rev to 10k (Not that I have a reason or want/need to do it).

Does the fuel cut defender detect RPM, Boost, both? I'd like to know how it works...
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the fcd lies to the computer its a resister and lowers the amount of boost going in to the computer and shows it less boost then there really is, also a real rev limiter takes away ignition not fuel when taking fuel away it is bad for the engine and also on a turbo i have found out that it is both boost and rpm depndent on an n/a it is just rpm. and no a fcd can not be used on an na i havent exprienced these conditions b/c my rtek eliminates them
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wtf dp
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well, i wanted to try this out when i first bought my rx N/A so i did! my redline is at 8k and tach stops at 9k....... i hit 9k and didn't get any fuel cut or ignition cut! i figured that i just don't have a fuel cut or a rev limiter! hell, i don't know for sure! i have done it acouple more times since then and still no cutting issue! of course i don't make it a habit, but i do make it a habit to it redline when i am racing someone! i raced a friend the other morning from a dead stop and smoked him! he has a 87! even with the way my motor is starting and running i kicked the rear end sideways when i hit 2nd! it was crazy! i have pushed it a few times on start up because that is what i do, but i have never had it go sideways that bad! this is one of the reasons i want to keep this motor, build it then put a turbo on it when done! i am told that i can get 500+ rwhp out of it with a good size turbo!
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