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Looking to buy an fc for autocross and drifting

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I haven't had a project/race car in the last few years since I sold my 91 mr2 turbo and I am really getting the itch again. I want to buy an fc for autocross and drifting. I have decided that since this will be my first experience with a rotary engine that I want to get an NA as I feel this will be the most reliable option. My plans are to focus on the suspension, brakes, & tires 1st and eventually add a street ported engine, header & exhaust, intake, and fuel management. I want my car to be simple and straight forward. I am not new to racing and after owning an mr2 I learned to drive pretty well. I autocrossed with the mr2 and I loved the handling characteristics of the car once I got used to it and it's quirks and its oversteer proneness. I think that I should be able to handle the Fc pretty well.

Some questions that I have are:

What can be expected of the Na 13b with a street port, exhaust, header, intake, and fuel management (microtech or haltech). What kind of horsepower can be expected?

When properly maintained how long can I expect a remanufactured/rebuilt street ported engine to last and where is a good place to get the motor? I've been looking at Roatary ressurection and rotary warehouse.

What are some reccomended suspension setups for this car? I am familiar with jic and tein coilovers and will probably get these for the car but I am open to suggestions.

How is the corksport exhaust and header? I am in between that and the Apexi gt spec exhaust. I had a gt spec on the mr2 and liked it a lot.

Thanks, Adam
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I got mine for sale let me know or pm me.
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hp wise a street port with stock intakes will be a little under the 200hp mark, at the wheels. ditch the stock intake manifolds and you're looking at around 210ish maybe a little more with the right exhaust

if the rebuild has decent parts in it, it should have no trouble going 100,000miles. unlike a piston engine there isnt any machining, and new parts, are expensive. so the better the stuff you start with the better, or longer it will last, or you can spend some $$ and buy new rotor housings and stuff

tein would be my choice if i had to choose between that and jic, none of the serious racers run either one of those, everyone runs a camber/caster plate/ coilover setup with kyb agx's or koni's
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woah lots of questions...

I'm using the apexi single 3" exhaust and love every bit of it. not loud and a nice note. I also have the racing beat headers and those helped a ton on the top end. dont know about the corksport headers or the exact hp#'s though. (I rely on my butt dyno) I wouldnt use the corksport presilencer though, when I ordered mine it came without the line needed to open the auxillary injectors (in the early FC's they feed off the exhaust) and thats been kind of a pain in the neck ever since (and not having a cat also throws you in a whole other class).

as far as reliability, my 86 has ran like a champ since day one and just ticked over 132,000miles. I autocross once a month either CSP or STSII in san antonio and the car is a monster! I think you'll have a lot of fun. I'm still working on getting the rest of the suspension goodies together but I heard good stuff about koni's with eibachs, never seen em in action but thats probably what I'll be going with.

hope this helps bud,

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shoot, I almost forgot. if you're auto-x ing, I wouldnt get a GSL unless it atleast has the "sport" package. (4 piston callipers up front and 5 lug wheels) theres some other stuff I'm sure but I havnt completely memorized the brochure yet. ideal would be the GTU or any other model with LSD in er, open diffs are a bitch when you're on 3 wheels and trying to accelerate out of the turn.

just my .02, I'll shuttup now
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An FC is a jump from an MR2. I went from an MR2 to an FD. Racing an MR2 and an Rx-7 are two totally different things I was very frustrated for a while. As far as the “reliability” issue if you have enough for

Originally Posted by fallenleafs' post='846251 View Post
Some questions that I have are:

What can be expected of the Na 13b with a street port, exhaust, header, intake, and fuel management (microtech or haltech). What kind of horsepower can be expected?
One of the larger shocks i went through from the MR2 to the FD was fuel consumption. If you were to street port , exhaust, etc. It would really free up your engine, but what you thought was sucking a little too much fuel before now is like flushing a toilet. Jkjk but do expect less “fuel efficiency” with mods to the engine. Porting is one that i have seen eat up quite a bit of gas. If you plan on modifying the engine I would consider first and foremost putting a good fuel pump in it. Find a good rotary shop in your area and I am sure they would have a lot better advice than I do.

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corksport exhaust is awesome, dont expect it to be quite, or even near quite. it is about as loud as it gets. but you wont find a better flowing catback any where especially for the money. its sorta hard to beat an unobstructed 3" tube straight back .

oh and i would take the JICs over the tiens but that really comes down to personal opinion.
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