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ok car was running fine this morning parked at work and had to go to another location and it started giving me problems. i can accelerate slowly and the car will be fine but when i floor it it stutters and does not want to accel. the car idels fine and the a/f meter reads in the green at idel.

when it does the stuttering the a/f meter goes crazy and lights up all the led's.

i also noticed that that the car would not start up up with out the trailing plugs i had left one unpluged bye accident and it did not want to start up. shouldnt it start up with the leading plugs alone?

also the turboshotside was glowing from just reving it in netural and reving it soft since it was having problems i thought it was only suposed to glow after a hard run. could timing be an issue here?
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Do a compression check.

Sounds like what happened to one of my N/A's. Would start and idle funny until it warmed up. When it did warm up it started overheating(got a lot of heat coming from the exhuast). Bogged down under load/acceleration(even in neutral). Pulled the plugs for a quick compression test. A nice whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, from the front and a faint puf, puf, puf, from the rear. Took a look through the plug hole with a mirror and rotated the engine...Saw a normal looking seal go by...Then saw a chipped apex seal go by, then saw an empty apex seal slot...

Also, I noticed the rear plug's electrode was a little melted.

Go figure...
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do you have any cats on the car?

i'd suspect, first off (based on sluggish acceleration, overheating turbo at idle) clogged pre-cat or main cat. A clogged cat will prevent you from accelerating fast as only so much air can make it through due to the clog so its like extreme backpressure. and with extreme backpressure comes extreme heat aka glowing turbo.

if the accelerating thing is a seperate problem i'd say check the tps. mine was cutting off on me if i floord it but if i revved slowly it would be fine, somehow one of the tps screws fell off (never touched it, dont know how that happened, gooo mazda reman) and so i was at WOT all the time as far as the tps was concerned.

but yea id start with the cats, if you have any.

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