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^^^ Yeah, I've checked around, nowhere local messes with injectors. We've got alot of good stuff local, there are lots of farms, so hose fabrication and custom parts in general are pretty easy to have made. No injector maintenance though.

I still wouldn't think that cleaning and calibration alone would stop a leak, would it? I think RC offers a full rebuild of the injector that would do the trick. Correct me if I'm wrong please, I don't know what the inside of an injector looks and/or works like.... I can see it going either way.

P.S.- I removed the rats nest today, I decided it would be a good idea since I don't have emmisions to worry about and I will be putting in an aftermarket computer sometime soon anyway. Might as well go all out I'm having fun getting to know my car intimately again, its like a girl I haven't slept with for years, I'm proceeding with anxiousness and caution....
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check out

i think you will like their prices and demo videos. keegan, yes sending your injectors in to be cleaned will fix leaking. becasue you can not take the injector physically apart they are ultra-sonicly cleaned. by that process everything is cleared out and ready for operation. next the injectors are tested for performance. they will let you know if your leaking problem can not be fixed. read up on their site a bit for more info.

if you are deciding on getting a standalone computer to run your car, you can use the injectors you mentioned. my experience says a stock ecu can not control aftermarket injectors, simply because it wasn't designed to do so. if you are going to stay with the stock ecu, i say hold on to the injectors until you upgrade your ecu. good luck with your project
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FB GSLSE injectors are 680cc injectors and no they wont work with your stock computer. The stock injectors are fine, have them cleaned and with those you should still have some comfort room if you want a better intake and exhaust.
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Sorry WankelTII - I already figured out they were the 680's (forgot to tell you I was wrong), that is a lot bigger than I thought they were when I got them. Oh well, I guess I'll hold on to them till I get an ECU. Is it just me or have the ECU's really gone up in price in the last couple years. Seems like they were mostly under $1000 last time I looked?

Oh and I have a random question. My FPD didn't look leaky at all, still doesn't actually, but the screw in the top of it was not in it, just floating around under the plastic cap. I saw the picture on, on the FPD removal page, and the screw was just sitting in the cap there too, is this normal? Is this a sign that it may be heading for failure?
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