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hey everyone im kinda new to the rotary world but not unfarmiliar to the motorsports words, i want an fc and i just read that buyers guide, someone shot me a link to that, and i was curious about the series numbers...now apparently like series 6 is 88-91...how come i never see any 92's for sale??? were they in the us at all??? cause i thought that mazda went to the 3rd gen in 93...please correct me if im wrong. also i was wondering how the wankel works...i have a model 13b in a classroom that i sit and play with and try to figure out how it works, its an actual motor not just a little toy. so my question is, they dont hacve cylanders so no cylander head...what is the piece that the rotor compresses the gas/air mix against called??? is it just the block??? and as far as apex seals go, i know that if you blow one its bad news bears...but...is the only way to blow one a missfire? cause i know that rotary's just hate misfires. and lastly, is the 13b in the fc the same as the fd??? if not what changes were made, i can see the intake manifold is different, but what about internals???...oh and one more thing what is the ignition system on an fc is it crank trigger direct fire, distributor-less, or does it use a distributor??? i know this is long and thanks a bunch...i appriciate it, im a motor head, i bleed motor oil and i speak wrench...any and all info is much appriciated.
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Ok I will try to answer a few for you, a lot of this information is available in the posts already though, if you took some time and went through all the forums on here a lot of your questions would already be answered.

The Series are determined by model years

Series 4 1986-1988 FC3S

Series 5 1989-1991 FC3S

Series 6 1993-1996 FD3S

The 1992 model year was basically passed over while the Mazda plant did a retool for the new body style

How a Rotary works:



The 13b has undergone different changes over the years, way to many to list here. But basically the weight of the rotors, the size of the ports, and the intake designs have all been major factors. There are some older threads in the engine porting and rebuilding forum that compare the different stock port sizes between the variations of the 13b

The Ignition on a FC is known as a CAS or Crank Angle Sensor. Similar to a distributor it uses a reluctor wheel and a pick up coil to determine the timimg of the engine and to fire the coils.

Hope this helps
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