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apex seal issues?

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alright, 88 rx7 convert with 13B, 118k miles... ive got coolant leaking into the block because my apex seals are busted, mazda tell me that it would cost about the same to buy and install a new engine as it would to fix the apex seal, now is that bull or is it true??

(all parts and service from mazda dealership): new engine: $2900, installation: $2200-$5000, but i didnt get a price on rebuilding. the body is in amazing shape with no rust or anything, but its only worth $4000. if i sell it after the new engine with 0 miles (give or take) do u guys think that i would be able to get the money back for what i spent on the engine? aka: how much do u think i could sell it for with a great body, no other problems and a brand new engine??
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New engines are pretty expensive but your best bet may be to just buy a jspec motor and go that route....

Unless you wanted to rebuild the motor yourself. Then you get to learn a little in the process. But if your selling it after i'd just get a damn jspec and drop it in. Dave from speed machine performance might have some and if not he'd know someone that does. Good luck!
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You went to the dealership !?!?! Ohh that hurts

First of all, coolant leaking into the engine as NOTHING to do with the apex seals. Sounds to me like you have a COOLANT seal busted. As far as getting your money back after putting a new engine in, don't plan on it. I know it's sad but RX-7s usually don't sell for a high price.

What exactly is going on with your engine ?

It won't start at all or it's smoking badly and the add coolant light keeps coming on ?

Could you detail the symptoms and problems you’re having ?

J-Specs engine aren't that great, believe me on that, I had to buy 2 to get one good engine..... On top of it, Japs only had Turbo cars so you would have to undertake the whole conversion process.
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There are other ways than buying a new engine from Mazda.

Some poeple offer rebuilds for not that much money.

Take a look here : http://www.rotaryresurrection.com/2n...ne_prices.html

This is just one of many, but one guy that seems to have a good reputation.

It is not that hard to install a stock engine, but if you aren't confident about it and do not want to go that way I'm pretty sure again you could find someone to do it for less money that the dealership.

Good luck and don't give up, there are always options.
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Man I sell fully rebuilt with OEM seals cryogenic treated turbo 6port motors for less then they want. "Full long block"

As said it would be your coolant seal and not apex seals if coolant is leaking into the motor.

As far as seals go I only use and recommend OEM seals.

Your motor is getting to be high mileage to where it could possibly be rebuilt but more then likely have a short life span. Every builder has there own criteria but I can guarantee I wouldn’t be reusing your housings. The rebuild ability of the core is going to highly depend on the lifetime maintenance the motor has seen.
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