Advanced Suspention Setup

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-Tire pressire is 40psi on 205/50/16 Yoko ES100's ( I like matched tires instead of stickeys in the front and crap in the back )

-Strut tower bars front and rear.

-Maybe 270hp with a 13bt stock port.

Hey Ranzo are you running the Azenis Sports or the 115's?
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great posting man, thins is one of the most intellegent forums of all!!!!WOW!!
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Hey Ranzo are you running the Azenis Sports or the 115's?

I use ST115's
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Drifted Infinion yesterday, The car handled SUPER in every turn! I can not belive how well it handled 4th gear entry drifts at turn one. Only turn I could not quite get right was turn 6. Just not enough torque from NA motor.

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Yea man this is awesome. that detail is great. Not that i ahve a rear wheel drive but i am in the process of getting one but thats awesome man cheers
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hey,just wondering is there a way i can adjust the rear camber without buying them racing beat adjustable rear camber tops

and 2.5 negative should be good for dorift?

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Hey all

As you can probably see I am new to the fourm but as well as that I am new to the rotor scene as well.

My question to you all is I have a series 4 RX-7 and i want to start drifting and i was wondering what is the best drift setup would be

any help will be appericated..

Cheers forbes
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to share my setups, which seem to work pretty well:

Tein drift spec coils 8kg front 6kg rear

dampening at 8/16 front and rear... going to try 8 in front 11 in rear this weekend

ride height (measured from jacking points) LF: 139mm RF: 135mm LR: 147mm RR: 143mm

Camber: front: 3deg rear: 1.5deg

tire pressure: 30psi on all 4

1/4" toe out in front 1/8" toe in on rear

Name:  029_IMG_5219_JL1.jpg
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now that is a sweet *** color
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TIEN HE's 8kg/7kg...lowest and hardest/stiffest settings...seriously...

camber: -2 front, -3 rear

bashed fender wells,

beginning's of a cage,

Polyurethane bushings

Super Now! Tie Rod Ends and Steering rack spacers messing up my toe but teh awesome when in full lock,

toe out 2 degrees front, 0 rear,

Solid front diff mount,

Tomei Traxx Advance 2-Way,

Red Line 75W-90,

17X9's all around

215/40/17's up front (preferably ES100's or T1-S's),

215/40/17s-235/45/17's rear depending on what I can get hooked up with,

I really need to read that suspension settings thing posted up top.



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