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Originally Posted by bmwgirl' post='879341' date='Aug 2 2007, 08:13 PM
Wow!! Shiny! How do see out the windshield with all those stickers
"This sticker is dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love Fig Newtons." -Ricky Bobby
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I keep thinking I wont have to see more pics of this cars at some point./
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^^^Nope, **** you.

You're a big ******.

Here's more.

- Thursday -

Session local oval track with nascar dudes. Drifting...blah blah blah...drifting.

- Friday -


Wake up, head over to this local dude's shop to drop off some wheels he's supposed to buy.

"Dude, what are you doing today?"


"Haha, wanna roll with and show at HIN?"

"Man, **** that."

Get to the end of the block, realize I have nothing better else going on the rest of the day, turn around and was like "Ehhh, **** it...sure. Let me get my car."

All my tools, jack, and **** were still in the car from the practice session the day before...and the car was filthy as ****.



Get to Seattle.

Roll in.

Paper work.

blah blah blah.


Get dropped off at my homie Marcus's house...

Fucked around, bored.

Decided I wanted to lose my virginity on a stunt bike he just bought...

The weapon of choice:


I've never ridden a bike before, so we went out to some random industrial complex, and put-putted the thing around the buildings...

haha, holy ****.

Bikes are fast.

I got it into 2nd and got scared half throttle.

Apparently, the spot we went to was a really popular place for stunt bikes to go session, so pretty soon, these guys showed up...


- Saturday -

Fucked around all day.


I was supposed to be at the show two hours before it started.

Showed up 20 minutes after the doors open.

This was there:

This was the first time I've ever been to a real car show.

Expectations were low.

Wasn't disappointed.

Lots of scantly-clad imports skanks and tang running around.

Lots of mean mugging and shoulder shrugging.

Upside was that it brings random peeps out of the friends I haven't seen since highschool...

Homefries to the right, brand-new-cute-love-interest to the left.


Hella bored.

Decided to go **** this, let's go eat.

Jammed around.




"Dude, where the **** you at? You just won Best Graphics..."


jammed back, and this was sitting next to my car...

First car show ever. Tools, burnt tires, and filthy car with hand-cut and laid graphics.



Get pulled over TWICE by state patrol on the way home.

Cops got such a kick outta my ****, they smiled, laughed, and let me go.

I <3 WA
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Lol dont get your panties in a bunch, just busting yer *****.
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that looks ****** sick.

I like the looks and i can imagine the sounds it'be making!!!
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you get mad props man i woulda never imagined it would look this nice.
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did you have to hammar smash the frame rails that run above the tire?

i just got mine dropped nice and good and the tires rubbing on it.

maybe im too low on 16's, or it needs some hammar smashing.

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holy crap... that looks real nice.. !!
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