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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about what happened to me at Speed 1. Ok here is what happened. I been a customer of Dave for 10 years. Have owned 2 FD RX-7's. My complaint isn't really with there craftsman ship or knowledge of the car. It's more with there lack of communication and the fact they put my job off to the side and forgot about me. At one point they didn't touch my car for almost 2 years. I always satisfied bills. It was like trying to pull teeth to get them to work on my car. Then at one point they started actually showing me something after like 5 years of having my car in pieces. I was happy for a little. Then they stopped. So about a year went by again. Bad communication. I would take a trip out there every 3 months or so. Anyway one time I went there and finally got to talk to Dave, he told me the reason we stopped working on your car is that my silent partner now owns more of the shop then I do. Well he got his GF to go threw the bill and double all the bills cause we take longer then most mechanics. Just like that. Even on bills you payed already. That was old news. BTW I payed for all the parts. They just did labor. So after calling them and telling them my story that my car was there way before they where in the picture and some arguing we agreed on a price that was still a lot more then what Dave told me right before he told me about what the new owner's GF Sheryl had changed it to. So he tells me if there's any issues, which there will be, he will be responsible for that and to put 1000 miles on it and have it tuned. Well anyway I put the 1000 miles on it. There where a few issues. So I wanted to bring the car back for tuning. The issues where stuff like intercooler is rubbing the radiator, one of my rad fans isn't spinning on high speed. They forgot to put a diode in one of the wires for the AC. Pretty much stuff they can do right away. Anyway the owner calls me back and I explain to him the issues. He tells me I should find another shop to go to. I'm not responsible, I don't want to do buisness with you no more . I gave you a big enough discount. Mean while I still payed way more then I should have and I seen cars come and go out of that shop in a lot less time then mine and some cars almost stayed there as long as mine. "Almost" If they would have done the work in a decent time. Even 2 years which is still insane I would of never met this Darrel guy. Anyway Dave is very sick and don't call the shots no more. This is what new costumers are gonna have to deal with from now on.
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