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I have had my RX 7 for about 5 years now. It is a Gen I and although it is old I still love driving it. It is a 5 Speed manual like all sports cars should be. I happened upon it when the previous owner was going through a divorce. The car initialy had problems above 6000 rpm so he sold it cheap with an extra motor. I got it home and 30 minutes later I had it purring like a kitten. After replacing the plugs, and wires that might have been original I discovered he had the timing too far advanced so I think the trailing plugs were firing on the exhaust stroke (is that the right term?).

I need to do some cosmetic things like repainting it and replacing the carpet. But it still drove well. I had to slow down around town because all the Honda Civics with graphics packages kept sliding into and over sidewalks. I even saw one end up in the weeds trying to follow me around a clover leaf entrance ramp. Wow these things stick like Glue. So for the safety on every one else I slowed down a bit when I saw someone who may think they have something to prove. NOT on the STREETS, Save it for the TRACK!!!

I look forward to driving it again once I get the electric issue sorted out see my other post No electric power at all!

I am able to get my kicks from my other Ride My 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa but I must admit I don't mind getting caught in the rain in the RX7 nearly as much. Darn North Idaho weather turns on a dime.
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Welcome to nopistons!
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Welcome to nopistons! The fb is definitely the best as far as unfavorable road conditions go. I've actually seen people rally them successfully too. So what are your long term plans for her
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There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to get it back to mint condition. It defiantly needs a new coat of paint and the seats need reupholstered. After all the car is 30 years old. I was thinking of slipping in a turbo but after reading some of the 12a turbo threads I think I would rather find a cosmo motor and go from there. I want this to be more or less a daily driver as I currently have no race aspirations. I have had my bike for 3 three years and still have yet to take it to the drag strip or go to track day. I would get pics but the car is in storage in another town due to electrical issues that I am still sorting out.
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Default Re: Just signed up

Hey, You still have your rx-7?
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