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Someone Offered To Pay Me To Thin Out Their Bay

Old 02-13-2004, 12:31 PM
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At an informal car meet last night, a guy with an S5 with all exterior mods saw my engine bay. He liked how much space there was, and he said he'd pay me to do that to his car. Now, I've only worked on my car, nobody else's. I've also encountered problems and caused problems, and fix them myself along the way. So should I do this? I'm used to S4, his is S5, and I'm worried about screwing something up.

Oh, and we didn't talk pricing, I told him I'd get back to him on that. He offered "cases and cases," I'm assuming he meant beer, which I don't drink.

So if I removed all emissions and the a/c, what should I charge? Keep in mind this guy thinks it's a lot harder than I consider it to be. (I might even end up doing an e-fan, maybe new battery cables, general stuff like that.)
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Old 02-13-2004, 12:40 PM
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Charging accordingly would be the only way to protect yourself in the event of a catastrophy, but I would probably decline anyway. Between lack of experience and accountability it could end up being more trouble than its worth. Ask him to buy a manual and log on for advice, but perform the work his self.
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Old 02-13-2004, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by 89 Rag' date='Feb 13 2004, 02:40 PM
Ask him to buy a manual and log on for advice, but perform the work his self.
That scares me. He glued an evo vent to his hood, then starting cutting the hood supports underneath to make the vent functional, but quit cutting partway through. He also has guages that "light up, but don't do anything." Hmmm, maybe I could be the one to lead him in the right direction. I like helping people.
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I don' t know if it is possible to turn around a ricer. I think they just have to grow out of it on their own.

Tell him you'll thin out his bay for $699.99. You never know . . .
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Not to sound like a lawyer or anything, but if you and he are not buds, and he pays you a significant amount of money to do the work, get him to sign off on a written proposal that outlines exactly what you are going to do.

And oh yeah. I think removing emissions on a street-driven car is illegal.

I'd let him do it himself.
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I would definitely have him do it himself, but maybe he could pay you to "help out". What I mean is that even if you do all of the work, make sure it's known that everything is his responsibility, so that you cover your ***.
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get him to pay you a small amount and advise him... that way not honly does he learn a little bit more which is the first step to converting a ricer, he does it right and you get paid. everyone dance and be happy
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this guy who "saw me on the boards" wanted to fly me to florida to do a turbo conversion to his vert

he started by asking me if i could help him figure out what he needed for the swap, which i helped, then he asked me if i could get all the parts needed for him, and he would fly me to FL to do it....at that point i valued my life more than helping some guy that "saw me on the boards"
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