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How does this combination sound in the 86 GFH:

Pineapple Racing StageII Engine

PR Sleeves

Rewired TII Fuel Pump

89 Pulsation Damper

Fresh Injectors: RC Eng

9.5# RB Aluminum Flywheel

PR 6 Puck Clutch

PR Miata Geared Tranmission with fresh rebuild

Balanced/Rebuilt Driveshaft

4.3 GTUs Pumpkin w/fresh LSD

Rebuilt Halfshafts

11.5# 88 Vert Rims?

I am hoping for an Autocross Killer

Suspension(For the near future, HEHEHE)


Eibach Pro Springs

RB DTSS Eliminator Bushings

Urathane Bushings all the way around

New Master Cylinder

Brembo Drilled and slotted rotors
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If this is an autox killer, you won't want to use the Eibach progressive springs, you'll want linear springs (linear = same spring rate throughout the spring, doesn't have to compress the spring to get to the "stiff" part) You'll want either Racing Beat springs, which are pretty good. But with all this money you've already thrown at the car, you should really go with the K2RD Coilovers with some stiff rates, 450 front 275 rear maybe? Pillow ball top mounts for the front with adjustable camber would help as well as rear.

Also, I'd go with the mazdatrix torsen LSD($700), or find a miata torsen LSD and have it fit to the rear end, the stock FC one's are either worn out or worthless.

You also mention nothing about exhaust, as we all know, the rotary is very sensitive to exhaust, and you'll want to have a nice system on there to make the most power. I'd do a custom fab'd true dual, some think single. Mazdacomp makes a nice lightweight header.

Also, I would go with some cheap lightweight Kosei K1 racing wheels, they come in wider widths than the BBS vert wheels, you'll want at least a 7 inch rim to handle some meaty 225's tire at the bare minium.

Otherwise your setup sounds killer, can't wait to hear the results!
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Springs will be changed out later, when I go coil-over. Exhaust is still up in the air. Have RB Road Race Header so far, haven't decided if I am going dual or single yet.
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