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Owning An Rx-7

Old 04-28-2004, 05:18 PM
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I absolutely love my car. If I didn't I wouldn't still be the sole owner of this 1987 GXL (Bought it new, way back when).

But, they sure can sneak up on you with problems. Out of the blue with absolutely no warning, the car developed a vibration through the driver's and passenger's seat that I could have probably charged money for as a sex toy. Just out of no where it starts.

Well I took it in to the local Rotary Shop and they said that the U-joints on the driveshaft are bad and a bearing (I think that is what they said) in the transmission was bad. They fixed it within a couple of hours but man this was a blindside shot out of nowhere. It runs smooth as silk once again.

Gotta luv 'em.
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Right on. they can be finicky little bitches sometimes, but it's all worth it. I love answering the question "What motor's in that?"
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I love mine.
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Old 04-28-2004, 06:14 PM
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Rx-7's r my favorite cars straight up. I'm pretty even split between 2nd and 3rd gens for what i like more, cuz they are such different cars. But i love em.
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I plan on keeping mine for a while.....
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I will own at least on RX-7 at one point in life. Hopefully the one I have now. It is fawkin mint. Well, sort of. Needs paint job. Huge friggin eyesore.

Or I will own at least one ROTARY POWERED CAR. I want a REPU,R100,the RX-3, and of course a FB and FD. And a rotary powered lawn mower and rotary powered motorcycle would be cool also.
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My universal went a few weeks ago as well. Thought about customizing replacable u-joints to the existing shaft...but just bought a whole new one.

Sometimes little stuff like that gets on my nerves...but then again its a little price to pay for such a rewarding car I get in co-workers cars that are brand new...and they still aren't as smooth as the FC, haha.
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I like my 7 but like many of you it is a black hole for time, attention and money. I'm constantly raising funds to fix the next big problem i have with it (I have a new, debilitating problem about weekly) but i just wont give up on her...maybe its...fate.
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Only if they were more reliable but oh well

Ive never owned a piston powered car & probly never will

Owning a rotary powered vehicle period is grand not just a seven
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Originally Posted by 4RotorRocket' date='Apr 29 2004, 10:00 AM
Only if they were more reliable but oh well

Ive never owned a piston powered car & probly never will

Owning a rotary powered vehicle period is grand not just a seven
I've known 12As to go 300K+ mi without a rebuild. They are really reliable cars if you take care of em. I think the guys with the problems are the ones that buy em used from shitty POs.
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