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J-spec Vendors

Old 06-11-2004, 04:12 PM
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Lets get a list going of all the vendors for j-spec engines, and if you have dealt with them, or a friend has dealt with them, please post. I dont want to hear "he said, she said" bullshit unless there were enough people saying the same to provide some validity to it.
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Old 06-11-2004, 05:41 PM
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i bought my 20b from www.fc3s.org, dave was great, very easy to deal with. he had the motor in stock at the time, and it even turned out to be good!
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Ive dealt with Dave quite a bit in the past, and he was great to deal with. I havent been in touch with him recently, but I expect its still the same.

btw, I intend for this topic to be archived provided there is enough input to make it worthwhile.
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Libero USA has a nice selection of stock on them, we get all our motor through them- chris @ spd racing
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Anyone else? Need to find someone to buy a jspec that isnt blown to bits
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I bought my 13b-re through Dave at Speed Machine Performance, as I am a dealer for him, and my motor is awesome. I believe it has less than 15,000 on it. I am truely impressed.
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Ummm.. You all realize your buying a JUNKYARD motor right?

Its no diffeent then going to a junkyard here and pulling a motor off of a wrecked car. Oops, well it is different because with a J-spec engine you have no idea how many miles are on it anyone that claims they know exactly how many miles an engine that came from Japan has on it better show me pics of it in a car with a pic of the odometer. Otherwise I'll sell you all engines with 30K miles on them all day long.

Pettit imports plenty of 20B's and the first thing they do is tear down the engine to see what is worth keeping.

I have been online with rotary tuning for over 4 years now and I have seen way too many J-spec "low milage" engine poop way too soon to be fresh motors.

My $0.02 and that is all its worth. Two Pennies.
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JSPECS are good for CORES only! You are gambling otherwise
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Well then, let's change the subject of this thread to a list of Good, Reputable engine suppliers *anywhere*, since engines seem to be what we're asking about.
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here is my take, and I get my information first hand, this will be a long one by the way!

Vendors sell engines out of japan to americans, no one makes thier living off of Rx7 engines, so they obviously sell other engines as well.

They operate much like any yard does here in the states, A yard here in the states will sell a shop a engine and give a 30 day gurantee

if you dont make a claim on a j-spec engines once you get it, your out of luck, probably why Pettit inspects thier engines once they get them, and like I will do on any future engines.

You can get a whole front clip with the mileage shown on the odometer, problem is they are kind of expensive to ship.

Its known that people just dont drive as much in japan as they do here, so 99% of the time the engines, being rotory or piston, are low mileage, true mileage is however not really known, they pull engines, cutting harnesses out of cars, then scrap the cars and any proof of year or mileage of the engine.

The engines then sit around waiting for a buyer, maybe local, maybe not, most are then sold off at auctions to people in the states who import whole containers at a time. Meaning there are people in japan who make a living exporting container loads of engines, if they export bad engines- they wont have jobs very long.

Thats the key factor- you can buy from a low volume importer who perhaps has a good connnection in japan to handle things for them, problem is they usually pay alot more for thier goods. Or you buy from a company that imports container after container. A EXPORTER who has a good relationship with the importer here in the states is not going to japordize things for the sake of unloading a few engines.

So yes it is a gamble, its like buying any engine in a junk yard and not any different then buying a used engine off someone local who wrecked thier car.

Problem is some people cannot afford a TII reman or do not have a rebuildable core either because thier engine is shot or they have a N/A car. Other problem is alot of people think that years of tunning and expierence can be replaced by downloading some eles's map and running a poorly tunned engine, dont blame the tunning though, blame the used engine.

Its buyer beware, its no different then buying a used car in my opinion, you are taking a chance.

With all this being said- I can say that the goal of Motorworks of Westbury and myself is to try to offer what we believe to be a good engine, if there is a problem people get thier money back- its that simple. They are not in business for the quick buck.
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