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I drive an '87 GXL with a street ported engine. The gas mileage on my car seemed to be horrible until I started reading the specs for it. They state that the car comes with a 16.6 gal fuel tank...but I have never been able to get more than 12 gal in on any particular fill up. I'm wondering if the 12 gal tank was standard equip and the 16.6 optional. Any ideas??

Also minor backfires during cold starts...is this just a plug problem??? When my car reaches operating temp, all of the backfiring stops.

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16 gal is the only tank available on the 86/88. 89/91 18 gal tanks.

Backfires in exhaust may be from an overly rich mixture in which the fuel is completing the combustion process within the exhaust system.
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I can't remember the last time I filled my fc up or else I could tell you how many gallons I have been able to fill it with. But after droppping my gas tank and looking inside I noticed that the sump doesn't allow the pump to get any gas unless it has several gallons inside.
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Did you run your car out of fuel? Maybe the gauge is not working properly? I know on my Fc the first half of the tank, according to the gauge, goes really fast, but the second half lasts considerably longer. Unless it's a psychological thing and I subconciously conserve fuel... what ever i think the guage is kinda funky like the others.
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I always wait till it gets low on the guage, and I usually put in around 13 gallons or less.
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I don't really want to run the tank completely empty...I bought the car used about seven months ago, and I'm not sure if the tank has ever been replaced. Don't want to get any dirt or whatever into my fuel system. Today when I filled the tank, the needle was almost on empty, and she still only took just under 12 gal.

Are there any sumps that can be used to reach the bottom of the tank?? Did the later model come with different sumps that I could drop into my fc??

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Is it possible that the float is not working properly...sinking too fast?? My car seems to last a real long time on the first half of the tank, and the second goes like stink...kind of eludes to a float problem...maybe.
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mine does the same thing ive never put more than 13 gallons into it. i think its the float
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is it really that important? haha i mean how much of a difference is 2-3 gallons going to make?
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gas millage has nothing to do with the size of the tank....

miles you went that tank / how much you filled it...

you will never empty the tank because it'll stall out and die when you still have a bunch in.
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