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I just realized when I did my motor swap from my 88 SE to my 86 Sport I used the 86 injectors but the 86 CPU was fucked so in a rush to finish I said what the hell and threw in the 88 ECU. Now i was told they are diffrent impedance but what effect could this have on the car?

Why does my car smoke when revving the car car 4+ K rpm no load like me under the hood revving it up?
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I did not research your setup prior to posting these answers, these are general things to look for.

what color is the smoke?

dark grey to black smoke = rich fuel condition,

this is caused by the ECU and is NORMAL you have passed the 3800 rpm kick in for the secondary injectors and the turbo is not under load so the ECU is measuring for the load that should be there.

light grey to blueish = oil smoke,

caused by a number of things, failed oil seals, side seals or excessive crankcase pressure. things to check, make sure you have all the vacuum lines connected to their respective solenoids if you have retained the rats nest. Make sure your air filter and piping are all in good shape a clogged filter will cause a reduction in power and cause the engine to attempt to pull air through any open source (crankcase breather) If all the emissions functions are correct and you have double checked it all, you may be on the way to a rebuild. Make sure your crankcase breather tube is not clogged which would pressurize the engine and cause oil to blow by the seals. If you have a catalytic convertor the smell of rotten eggs may appear under this condition along with the smell of burning oil. I would suggest a O2 sensor replacement as well as they clog with excessive amounts of oil in the exhaust stream (premix and normal oil injection on a rotary is fine if measered correctly)

White to light grey or exceesive clouds of white pillowy smoke = coolant

This is usually accompinied by a sweet odor from the exhaust like the smell you get when a car overheats. This would be a bad thing. there are many signs of a coolant failure in a rotary, one is a white to grey pasty substance in the oil or coolant or both. This happens from the chemical reaction between water, oil and etylene glycol (anti-freeze)

light clouds of smoke from the exhaust on first startup is normal, it is condensation from the engine and exhaust sytem. When you take a heated item and expose it to humidity it will absorb moisture, the smoke is created by the exhaust heat burning off the moisture.

Although this may not be the case in your situation, it may educate you on some items for future reference.
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all the fc ecu's see the same injector impedance. what they did with the low impedance cars was add a resistor block; its under the airbox.

if you did the low impedance injectors with no resistor you risk popping the ecu
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