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Bringing The Car Home

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until we get the car running we want to bring the car home to my garage under my house where it can be worked on rain, Snow, Sleet, or Cold cold cold cold sunshine of the friggin winter. The car is roughly 45 minutes away. I was toldby a worker of U-Haul that the car couldn't be towed with any of their trailers. I didn't talk to the man, my father did the talking. THe man he talked to said that he himself just resently sold a blue t2 and had all kinds of problems putting it on a full car trailer.

I say what the Hell???? I had a red 1991 mr2 that i sold at standard ride hight to a guy who came down from syracuse 4 hours with a full car carrier and he had not a single problem putting the car on the carrier or nothing. The car cleared the entire thing, didn't damage the underneath or anything. So I ask if a person could use a full car carrier to lift a car of similar road hight on to a full car carrier, why then can't I put a Rx -7 on one. personally I think the guy my father talked to may have altered his suspention ride hight or something.

What do you think. let me know. Is this guy full of Sh** or is it the truth.

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get a full trailer and some long boards?
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my FD scraped but that was LOW! regular height car should be NO problem
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ive had mine towed on a roll back a few times, the bumper scrapes but that was all, i guess there could be a problem with it high centering on the edge of the trailer if the angle of the ramps is too great.
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get some boards and get creative!
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Towed 2 7's on a tow dolly. '88AE, 2.5 hours and a '91TII about 1.5 hours. No problems at all. If it's low or has a front lower lip, you may need longer boards to decrease the angle.
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or get the car on a curb and use the ramps if you still need to
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Originally Posted by Shane.Trammell' date='Dec 21 2004, 10:46 AM
or get the car on a curb and use the ramps if you still need to

had to do this with a 300ZX i bought, couldnt get it up the ramps on the ground because it was too steep an angle, so went onto a corner and drove up it there, problem solved
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the nose on mine is 3" off the ground.. and i haul it quite often on a full trailer. the only thing i can think of causing a problem is if it is a open center trailer.... with the raised center lip running the lenght of the trailer. In that case... you need to run boards up the ramps and the lenght of the trailer to park it on.

also... if you have to use long boards to get it up the ramp.... put some smaller ones under the center of them to keep them from flexing/breaking as you drive up.
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I think you're gay.
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