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Best Bang for your buck?

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So, I am currently looking into making the finaly list of parts I need and or want for my car.

Thus far I am sitting at:

1986 NA 5 Speed Body, sunroof and second row seating for the handicapped.

New Turbo Motor from Rx7 Speacialties in Calgary.

TII Parts From Transmission Back, Including Tranny, Driveshaft, Differential, Rear Axles, Brakes.

The next Shwack of parts to be purchased:

RB Dual Turbo Exhaust with presilencer.

Some nice Momo Interior stuff: Millenium Steering Wheel, F16 Evo Shift ****, GrandPrix Pedals. Steering wheel adaptor.

Maybe Momo seats.

Brembo brake setup.

17" Rims. Haven't decided on who or what style.

Haltech EMS undecided as to what system I want to go with yet.

The thing I am having issues with is deciding on who to go with for my suspension setup? Tien Eibach. Or who? It'll be daily driver and weekend racer.

Any suggestions? Opinions? Criticism?


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Tomorrow if I am feeling better I will reread this and add anything that I missed, I don't think I missed anything though.
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It's hard to go wrong with springs really, eibach makes a great product, progressive spring so you get a good daily ride. Most of the manufacurers out there for 2nd gens making springs make a good product.
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Eibachs and Tokicos are a good combo. If you shop around, you can do all of it for under $500.
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i got kyb agx and eibach good combo ive heard. ill see when i put em on.

They got a guy on ebay JDMWerks sell the kyb agx and other shocks mad cheap

jason nYC
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I like the Eibachs, I've had good luck with Intrax springs too. Based on some of your other posts, if you have the extra cash..I'd go coilover...better adjustability and handling. If your going with springs shocks, I'd run some Koni's (kind a pain to install, but worth it) or Tokicos. I've seen the KYBs at some AutoX events and on the street that just don't stand par w/ Koni or Tokico. The AGXs are a good price though for what you get...
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i'm buying some tokico illuminas. they're badass because they're adjustable so you can ride them soft during the week and set them to stiff when you decide you want to have fun with them. as far as springs go, if you want a softer ride (i'm assuming you do since it's going to be a daily driver) you can go with eibachs - they're progressive. it also depends on how much of a drop you want on your car, the pro kit only offers like 0.8 inch drop. i'm purchasing some tanabe GF210's that give like 1.5inch drop. that's just me though.
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Alright, awesome, thanks for all the help with the suspension part of that. But, what about the rest?

Has anyone had any experience with the Tien SS set up?
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Nope but Tien products in general are pretty kickass IMO. I just ordered some Flex coilovers, I've heard nothing but very good things about them.
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