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Default 12a running rough

Hey guys, this week I completely stripped a spare nikki I had in the garage, capped up all the air tubes except the ones for timing and the purge valve. The carb that was on the car never had any problems until I removed the rat's nest, then it wouldn't idle at all below 3k rpms, so I assumed a vacuum leak somewhere due to my inability to follow directions. Anyhow, I switched the carburetor to the stripped one, started up the car and then it would purr at about 750 rpms, then drop dead. If I tried to rev it up it would start missing like crazy and die like it wasn't getting enough fuel. When it managed to run crappy with the choke but still sounded horrible, I went around with propane and I didn't seem to hear any change in rpms. I then took only the altitude compensator off the carb that was originally on there, plugged it up with those red caps we use at the shop to keep water out, like i did the other one, put the old carb back on, and same effect. I know this is confusing but bear with me. I now have the stripped carburetor back on and today I will check for spark on all 4 plugs, possibly there's a vacuum leak at the altitude compensator, so maybe I'll put it back on. Am I on the right track?

Here's the altitude compensator plugged with the red plugs.

Here's the car it's in, so it's worth it!

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