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Red Suns 04-21-2003 04:34 PM

I know japan had a version of the RX -7 called the Savanah FCS what different about that and say a turbo II? does it got more goodies or something?


j9fd3s 04-21-2003 05:24 PM

we called ours a mazda rx7 turbo 2, they called theirs the savanna rx7 or something. the options and models pretty much follow ours, except they all have the turbo


FrestyleFC3S 04-21-2003 06:37 PM

are the tail lights on the savannah any different than the s5 turbo II....anything AT color shape etc....i think maybe the amber part on ours is red on theirs....i bought a pair as an extra cause mine cracked on the turbo II and just wondering

j9fd3s 04-21-2003 06:53 PM

nope all of the 89-91 taillighs are the same everywhere


FrestyleFC3S 04-21-2003 07:16 PM

cool...i have an extra set now....but ill use the savannah ones cause ill be JDM... heheh

Apex13B 04-21-2003 08:31 PM

type R

Rotaryman88 04-21-2003 08:52 PM

Yikes,lol...i'll die if i ever see a type R rx7 other then the SpiritR...

Anyways...i believe that in japan...a savanah rx7 was from '86 to '88, then they had the Infini in '90 & the InfiniIV in '91..then it went onto the FDs being the Efini, etc...I'm kinda vague on this because japanese models are confusing to follow. The '86 to '88s were also known as the GTR and the the '89 to '91 models were known as the GTX(thus the "X" in my "SE" model..bwaa..."SE-X"). I hope this helps a lil..

j9fd3s 04-21-2003 09:21 PM

ok the japanese rx7s are called savanah 86-92 they had 3 models

gt-x is like our se model with gxl seats

gt-r is like our gxl

gt-limited is like our turbo

the ifini was a special model that is seperate from the regular line


Rotaryman88 04-21-2003 09:28 PM

Ah...ok, i knew they had many models...that better explains it now..I forgot to mention the GTlimited. Thanks for clearing that up...

relisys190 04-24-2003 01:31 AM

Is it still under a mazda name plate? Or is it sold at 'Savanah' dealers?

That always confused me, cuase i would see (J spec) cars and on the back and sides there was no Mazda... Just a savanah sticker or emblem...

speaking of emblem, ever seen the JDM FD badge?? Oh... Very good... very good

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