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Torsen Diff's.....

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hi this is my first post

does anyone have any experience with torque sensing differentials?

from what i know a torque sensing diff is:

a complex gear based differential than can sense which tire is slipping and will send power to the wheel that isn't (gripping)

in doing this it constantly sends power to the wheel with the most grip and thusly gives you more grip

i have no idea how this works, im very mechanically minded but thats a pretty complex idea, this, and transmissions are the two things in cars i havent figured out myself


my gxl has a limited slip which is dope, gives more traction (2 wheel spins instead of one) and when sliding in corners is supposed to make you go straight (or straighter ) when you accelerate out of the corner.

I learned alot of my driving technique from playing gran turismo hahah

but have applied what i know to real life driving and find that most techniques and the such apply pretty closely to real life driving

(in fact i find physical feedback and the auto wheel straightening effect from wheel caster make it easier than the game) like after counter steering you can almost let go of the steering wheel and the car will straighten out automatically.

but yea thats just me

back to topic

its obvious to me that limited slips diffs are important to racing and especially drifting.

BTW i dont really care about show drifting, i just like sliding around hairpis and corners for fun, i still try to follow the ideal line etc etc

has anyone ever used torsen differentials?

how do they feel?

i imagine for regular driving they would be amazing, as the less wheel slip the better

my real question/topic is do you think that a torsen diff would be good for drift style driving?

i wonder since wheel slip is encouraged so would the torque sensing mess with driver feel?

id think a limited slip would make a much more linear and predictable feeling to it

since it has simple clutches and no complex parts that do weird and erratic things hahah

i dunno it doesnt really matter since torsen diffs are super expensinve and i dont consider it that big of a thing

but im interested to know or at least hear what people think

by the way i own an 87 gxl but plan on selling it to a friend and buying a turboII

second gen rx7's are my favorite car by far, long live the rotoray and 5050 weight balance ratios !!!
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Torsens tend to make the car rotate easier, and more tail-happy. Clutch type LSD's make the car feel the most stable coming out of corners, and are much better for drag type situations. Viscous LSD's feel similar to the clutch type, but where the clutch type is normally locked, and takes a difference in wheel speed to partially unlock it, the viscous requires a wheel speed differential to start to lock.
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thanks for your input

i just wanna make it clear that im talking about torsen diffs and not the diff between clutch and viscous style limited slips

any comment is welcome though

so you think a torsen would make the car turn easier huh? and more tail happy.....

hmmmm that sounds pretty good i guess

rx7 tend to be pretty tail happy as it is though :P so i woulnt want that tendency to become overpowering and uncontrollable
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