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Hotstart?...i'm At My Wits End.

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this 7 has been the experience from hell...to go into it would be a very long post unto itself...so i'll get to the point.

the car has a new atkin engine with a large street port.The install was not done correctly and this was by a actual mazda dealorship that charged me nearly 7000, becuase they isntalled a "bad" engine first.8 months of ******* around with those bastards and i just left, i had enough. the car has many many things wrong that were not wrong when i took it in msot of this has been dealt with, examples included 6 unhooked vaccum lines some of which where wood screwed out of the way in order to not be visable...they srtiped the wires from my coolent temp senser...and they didn't install my oil injector on the front rotor...they said everrything was ready to go except they coudln't figure out why it wouldn't idle...i gave then 2 months after the final isntall to figure it out and thats how i picked the car up for 7000 in labor...my cruise doesn't work...my radio was stolen and replaced...i say replaced meaning they bought the unit and plugged it in that is it...no plastic no mounting. after all this i took it to another shop to get her ideling....we did somewhat....and now she does this...

leaks gas and oil out of the right side of the engine bay...could be the pd....not sure...could be leaky injectors.....she has very very bad hot start problems...she also likes to stall under decelleration...and is nearly impossable to get started again due to flooding...there is none in midmichigan who knows anything about this car...no one can help me..and i'm far from a ever a week warroir of a mechanic....i'm at my wits end here...if anyone has any suggestions please let me know...i'l responsed to question to the best of my knowledge.

thank you all very much in advance

kevin trudeau
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First check the PD, if it is bad replace it immediately. You can't do anything with a fuel leak.

If you need to replace the PD, or even if you don't, I would pull the throttle body and send the injectors to RC Engineering and have them rebuilt. It is cheap insurance. www.rceng.com

I would also make sure I had new plugs and plug wires installed.
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To fix any flooding problem, wire in a switch that will turn off your fuel pump. That way you can manually drain it so that it won't flood. I had to do that to mine and before i turn it off i rev it to 2K and let the car die. And if you flooded it keep the switch off and crank it then turn on the fuel. Just a little help for you. Move to Indianapolis and go to Aim Tuning. www.aimtuning.com they are the best
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revving it like that has killing turbo all over it
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Honestly I would just get all new injectors. www.injector.com

Much cheaper and then you can get what you want. I've seen some port jobs to large and the stock ecu can't read the overlap and everything gets funked up... Not sure if this is your case, but just toss'n it out there... and ya, replace that PD ASAP. get new plugs, wires and besure the timing is spot on. I'm thinking if you have a stock ecu you also have sensor issues somewhere. sometimes its easier to get a stand alone unit...
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