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cbsimons 05-01-2018 08:43 PM

PreMix with carburetor
I have an all original carbureted version, 1980. I saw small spots of oil under the car, not serious, I checked the oil, it lost very little and I kept it topped off. After a couple of weeks, I took a Saturday to find it and it was one of the two small oil feel tubes to the carburetor. One rotor had been oil starved for weeks, worried me, I replaced the hose, put a few drops of oil in each throat of the carburetor. I hadn't noticed any difference driving while this happened, but I guess it happened slowly, the next day the engine started easier, seemed fresher and more peppy, if that's a word. It doesn't seem any damage was done but I had been reading about premixing before this happened and it seems like a far more consistent and safer way to protect the engine. I want to disable the oil injection and go to premix but haven't read about anyone doing this with the carbureted engine. Is it safe to premix with the carburetor? I rebuilt the carburetor because my car sat for many years before I got it but it starts and idles perfectly, even with the manual choke and I don't want to ruin that.

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